Great Chance to Pick up some Handmade Goodies...

Along with some colleagues and students, East Place Designs will be selling gifts for you to find special, different, individual pressies for those you love and adore.
Wednesday 27 November is the day....and you don't have to work at or be involved with City College Norwich - come along anyway...
AND - bonus! - cute little Vanilla bunny is on the poster:

Be lovely to see some of you there, maybe...


Hand Printing Gifts for Christmas

Putting some last minute festive touches to some ideas for the season - like block prints of Shackleton rabbit and Vanilla bunny in RED.
Some nice soft block can be bought online, ours came from Handprinted - really easy to carve - with a textured side and a smooth face, for different uses and results.

Next - some winter themed motifs to compliment these two - which can be printed onto paper, card and fabric too....hand-made hands-on FUN!
We'll let you in on a preview as soon as....



Next big thing - Chrimbles...
What to do??
Let's look at a bit of pictoral inspo:

Helen Dardik.

I love Helen Dardik's design and illustrative work - and orange is a colour we're planning to use for our Christmas 2013

Christmas Decoration  Hedgehog Woodland by ClaireyLouCreations, $12.00

Ways to depict little Teasel hedgehog...

originally a card, framed as 'wall art'?

Paper cuts / prints / winter but not too 'Christmasy' theme?

Autumn Orange Chevron OwlStuffed Owl Kids by hartstringz on Etsy, $12.00  So cute with it's wonkyness!!!!!  Orange Polka Dot Owl Room DecorFolk Art Cottage by hartstringz, $18.00
Love the wonky bonkers birdies - a bit rough and ready, with a real homemade feel - yet still stylish with the bold prints in a simple colourway

just love this

And let's not forget the way all East Place Designs' pieces hark back to a sweet old-fashioned simple, mostly outdoors childhood, the like of which I was lucky enough to have myself - beautifully represented by this card that must date from the 1960s 

simplified contemprary toile de jouey?

All images from the very addictive and fabuloso Pinterest - yeah


New Photos of the Dresses

I have put up the dusky pink jacket onto our Etsy shop - here
Some lovely new photos really show it off beautifully:

And - here's the flower dress:

Thanks so much to all who helped make these happen! Amazing and gorgeous images