Always Make Time For Typography!

We got together yesterday, looking specifically at our name; a 'logo' and thinking of how the 'branding' will look on various vehicles - web-based - across the blog banner as well as printed - our business cards and maybe postcards or hanging tags.
We looked initially at the banner Helen put together quickly for our Christmas stall:

We agreed that it doesn't really have the style we want to portray - although there is a charm to the hand made text that makes is approachable and friendly.

So - we looked at using a typeface directly from Photoshop or Word.
Shall we use all uppercase - or lowercase? Should it be blocky or sans serif or funky and bouncy? Could we leave it as flat colour or 'collage' it with my repeat pattern designs?:

Then we realised that we like the typeface we had chosen when we first put the blog together - called Cherry Cream Soda - better than any we could find without faffing about downloading one.
The simplest way of reproducing it - as well as capturing a little of the hand made essence of the stitched banner was for me to hand render the title and give it the 'collage' look with my designs. 

BUT - what colour? Something that would sit well with any theme we choose - no colour! Black? No, to obvious. Grey? Maybe...a warm grey - the colour of the little bunny characters? YES!!
Watch this space to see how the new banner looks...


look at us in our new doggy scarves!  we were much admired during our walk round town yesterday, would like these to be reversible so we can ring the changes depending on our mood! 


This Is What It's All About...

It's time to discover the lovely photographs of Jan von Holleben. His imaginative, witty images tell sweet stories of being a child  - and all the magical things that go with it... His 'about' page explains more. There's a lot to inspire and, although the genre is different, the sentiment is the same - with von Holleben's pictures capturing what we aim to embody in our designs:



_MG_5651  _MG_5633
Right - all inspired up - best get on with it!

If You're Quick You'll Get To March...

Where are you two off to? 
Ready to plant some seeds and play in the sandpit?
Heading for Spring? 
Run - you might miss out cold dark February!
Have fun!


jaunty doggy scarves!

Been thinking about the doggy scarves for the stalls this year.  Working on something a little bit stronger in terms of colour; build a ajaunty and summery feel with splashes of royal blue, sunflower yellow and pink - not sure whether this should be candyfloss, plum or cherry.  Will try it out tomorrow and check it out with Annie.  Think we should confine ourselves to plains, spots, dots and stripes.