Next big thing - Chrimbles...
What to do??
Let's look at a bit of pictoral inspo:

Helen Dardik.

I love Helen Dardik's design and illustrative work - and orange is a colour we're planning to use for our Christmas 2013

Christmas Decoration  Hedgehog Woodland by ClaireyLouCreations, $12.00

Ways to depict little Teasel hedgehog...

originally a card, framed as 'wall art'?

Paper cuts / prints / winter but not too 'Christmasy' theme?

Autumn Orange Chevron OwlStuffed Owl Kids by hartstringz on Etsy, $12.00  So cute with it's wonkyness!!!!!  Orange Polka Dot Owl Room DecorFolk Art Cottage by hartstringz, $18.00
Love the wonky bonkers birdies - a bit rough and ready, with a real homemade feel - yet still stylish with the bold prints in a simple colourway

just love this

And let's not forget the way all East Place Designs' pieces hark back to a sweet old-fashioned simple, mostly outdoors childhood, the like of which I was lucky enough to have myself - beautifully represented by this card that must date from the 1960s 

simplified contemprary toile de jouey?

All images from the very addictive and fabuloso Pinterest - yeah