Always Make Time For Typography!

We got together yesterday, looking specifically at our name; a 'logo' and thinking of how the 'branding' will look on various vehicles - web-based - across the blog banner as well as printed - our business cards and maybe postcards or hanging tags.
We looked initially at the banner Helen put together quickly for our Christmas stall:

We agreed that it doesn't really have the style we want to portray - although there is a charm to the hand made text that makes is approachable and friendly.

So - we looked at using a typeface directly from Photoshop or Word.
Shall we use all uppercase - or lowercase? Should it be blocky or sans serif or funky and bouncy? Could we leave it as flat colour or 'collage' it with my repeat pattern designs?:

Then we realised that we like the typeface we had chosen when we first put the blog together - called Cherry Cream Soda - better than any we could find without faffing about downloading one.
The simplest way of reproducing it - as well as capturing a little of the hand made essence of the stitched banner was for me to hand render the title and give it the 'collage' look with my designs. 

BUT - what colour? Something that would sit well with any theme we choose - no colour! Black? No, to obvious. Grey? Maybe...a warm grey - the colour of the little bunny characters? YES!!
Watch this space to see how the new banner looks...