Nostalgia For A Simple Childhood....

When we were young - maybe as a treat when on holiday - we used to get a book of cut-out and dress-up paper dolls - clothes with tabs for folding over cardboard shoulders (mainly to alleviate boredom because we would be in a cottage in the wilds of Scotland somewhere and it would be raining) Well....

It's count down to Saturday now - a few last minute tweaks; I'm packing up cards, notebooks, fun sheets of stickers, little colouring books and - wait for it - - -

I have designed and drawn three sheets of gorgeously delightful girly clothes for a Vanilla bunnie paper doll! Oh yes! Premiering at the Norwich Makers Market on Saturday on Earlham Road..... Vanilla will be modelling daywear, playwear and swimwear

Is Helen by any chance sitting twiddling her thumbs? - Having managed effortlessly to fit three hundred sewing hours into the last seven days? She is incredibly well organised - Well, what I do know for sure is - she'll be working her magic with her sewing machine - bringing three little friends to life on pinafores, jackets and cushions.

We're all meeting up tomorrow for lunch - to review the situation so far, plan the next few days and finalise props for the stall.. Can't wait!