A Bit More Handmade

In an attempt to create a much more handmade look and feel to some aspects of the design work and products, I have decided to explore some simple print-making processes and started by carving a little Vanilla bunny from some lino block today.
It's difficult to tell from the block itself whether or not the image is working - to see how much has been cut out and if it needs any more removed.

The best thing to do is just made a quick proof print to check - and then cut again if necessary to make any adjustments to the design.
Using some black water-based printing ink (to hand in the little making shed!), I rolled some onto the block and made a quick print - which highlighted a couple of things that would be better changed - hence the second proof print (see if you can spot the differences):

The one on the left is actually the second print.
On seeing them, the four (just) year old son declared - "I don't really like the lines not attached." 
He didn't like the black either, suggesting "You could make it a girlish blue."
Salient advice - thank you dear boy!
Well - I shall be working on them, adding colour - maybe a 'girlish blue' is just what's needed! 
The aim is to develop a print of each character and one of the birdies too - Cards? Tea towels? - we'll see...